Our Approach

At Inteq, we pride ourselves on creating individual solutions for individual needs with a focus on building and maintaining long term relationships. This ensures that the services offered have been tailored with the client’s goals and strategies in mind. Inteq's national and international connections ensure we can seamlessly assist our clients no matter where in the world they are operating.

Our clients always deal with the Principals of Inteq supported by other members of our team including our Advisory Board. Prior to accepting a new client, we ensure that Inteq is free from conflicts of interest that might impair the ability to give advice. We also ensure from the outset that Inteq's culture and approach is in complete alignment with that of our clients'.  

At Inteq we have developed an extremely effective three stage process to plan and execute our assignments in a timely and cost efficient manner whilst managing expectations of all stakeholders. 

Stage 1: involves strategic planning and analysis, to agree the optimal implementation strategy and timetable to meet the client’s objectives, including structure, quantum, pricing and other key terms.

Stage 2: involves the preparation of appropriate documentation, thorough due diligence, market research, and all other things necessary to successfully implement the transaction.

Stage 3: involves marketing the transaction, negotiations with various parties, implementation and completion of the transaction, including post-transaction requirements, monitoring and maintenance.